Simple expressions using the full-text index

Find out where Juliet talks about love

In the following, Jon Bosak's edition of the Shakespeare's Hamlet, Macbeth, and Romeo and Juilet are queried..

//SPEECH[ft:query(., 'love')][SPEAKER = "JULIET"]

Search for a phrase

//SPEECH[ft:query(., '"fenny snake"')]

Find speeches in which "love" and "father" occur closely together, using XML query syntax:

let $query := <query> <near slop="20"><term>love</term><near>father</near></near> </query> return //SPEECH[ft:query(., $query)]

Find speeches in which "boil" and "bubble" occur, ordering them by full-text match score

for $m in //SPEECH[ft:query(., "boil bubble")] let $score := ft:score($m) order by $score descending return <m score="{$score}">{$m}</m>